Current solutions employed by airlines range from manually recording APU run times to wirelessly downloading data post-flight. Even the most advanced airlines who are downloading post-flight data are not capturing the most critical run time information.

The most critical run time information, where the greatest waste occurs, is when the aircraft is unattended. When pilots and mechanics are on board, there are procedures governing APU use, and while there is some savings opportunity, it is minimal compared to the times when they are not on board. When the aircraft is parked at a remote stand or in a maintenance area, and there is no clear assignment of responsibility, there is substantial potential for waste.

Today’s systems are not designed to capture APU run data when the main engines are off and flight data recorders are not operating. And data is not being communicated when the avionics buses are off. These two factors make it virtually impossible to capture the necessary run-time information to effectively manage APU fuel consumption.



Real-Time Alerting

APUTRAC is the only solution providing Real-Time Alerting (patented technology). Alerts are automatically sent via text messages or email to designated individuals responsible for management of the APU at the appropriate levels of the airline. Airlines can customize alerting thresholds (minutes of APU operation) at the airline, region, station and fleet levels, to ensure that optimum reporting.Our application provides a quick and easy way to set thresholds to ensure each person receives the right number of alerts for their area of responsibility.

To effectively implement corrective actions, it is critical to accurately identify the cause(s) of the APU mis-use. APUTRAC provides the ability to easily capture these reason(s) at the time the misuse occurs, eliminating the need to investigate after the fact and track down the person responsible and determine the reason for the misuse.

APUTRAC Dashboard

Advanced Analytics

Effective APU Fuel Management requires accurate and timely information at the right level of detail that will clearly direct actions to improve performance and affect cost savings.

Our APU Fuel Management Dashboard provides management reporting and benchmarking at the airline, region, station and fleet levels. Additionally, APUTRAC immediately captures the reason(s) for each APU over-use to increase accountability and drive corrective actions across departments.

Ability to report on APU fuel used in minutes, gallons/liters, or currency (US dollars or local currency).

Reporting includes year-over-year comparisons to reflect seasonality and the increased fuel consumption during the more extreme (hot and cold) months.

Reporting can be tailored to the way your airline manages its operation.


While most airlines will strive to improve the management of the APU’s based on their past performance, many want to know how their performance compares to other airlines operating similar fleets at the same airports.

APUTRAC Benchmarking is an optional service, at no charge, available to participating airlines. Airline APU data is kept in strict confidence and de-identified and is aggregated into the benchmarking database.

The value of APU benchmarking will increase over time as the strength of the APUTRAC database grows.

Third-Party API Integration

Many airlines have developed robust in-house fuel efficiency reporting systems. There are also comprehensive fuel efficiency reporting systems available through these Third-Party providers. APUTRAC is configured to provide data feeds to both of these systems.


CO2 Emissions Per Month


  • Reduced APU fuel consumption
  • Reduced APU maintenance and lease costs
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Accurate and timely data to support APU use policies
  • Efficient and effective tracking of proximate cause(s) of misuse
  • Great accountability
  • Enterprise solution across all fleets
  • Industry benchmarking